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The Kennel "ASTI DOG HOUSE" has been registered in RKF and FCI in March, 2001.

We are located in Moscow, Russia. The owner of kennel is Mhitaryan Yana. And basically due to her work, her constant aspiration to raise the knowledge, by 2001 we were ready to register a kennel. Collective of lennel it as Moreva Nadezhda and Tsitsak Vlada.

Initially the organization of our kennel has been conceived in 1994 with the advent of our first dog - Gabi Riks. She is ancestor families of kennel. For seven years this ancestor has brought in the big contribution to cultivation, her grandsons and great-grandsons receive prize-winning places atshows.

In 2000 we have got one more dog - Allast Prestizh Lot. For today he has recommended himself the excellent produser. His children occupy prize-winning places at showss and became numerous participants Best in Show.

And as we are engaged in cultivation of dogs of Staffordshirel bullterrier, Yorkshire terrier, The Dogue de Bordeaux, Labrador and the Central Asia Dog (Sredneaziatskaya Ovtcharka). Dogs of these breeds are in co-owner with kennel.

Overall objective of cultivation was deducing beautiful, strong, temperamental, clever and self-assured dogs. And is doubtless to discredit the bad myths unfairly pursuing breed during last decades, we aspire to receive counterbalanced dogs, having high abilities to training, with absence of aggression on animals. In cultivation are used individuals with steady nervous system and qualities of character corresponding to breed. Orientation to selection not only on exterior to quality of a livestock of dogs, but also on working qualities and a healthy heredity enables to put in pawn good breeding base and to predict worthy future our Amstaffs.

For example, Gabi Riks it is unique the working qualities. Already in 6 months she has received General Rate of training on 1-st degree. Is the numerous winner of different competitions. She works on circus training. In 1997 was winner "TV Dog-show: I and my dog."

Besides Amstaffs in our apartment live not pure breed "Jilly", Chihuahueno "Choonya", Yorkshire terrier Alisa. Other dogs at the owners.

As is known Amstaff - first of all a dog for family. For this reason he is usually good-natured, it seems even, that he always smiles. Education of a dog in family reduces risk from accidents, various diseases and guarantees to dogs a worthy old age. The dog receives the greatest satisfaction from joint activity with the owner during which it award with a prais. Joint activity is meant as care of a dog, dialogue and caress, walks and exercises, training and participation in shows and competitions.

We communicate with owners and we watch destinies of our dogs. In spite of the fact that Amstaff differs good health, we keep up health of our dogs. If there is a necessity we render the qualified veterinary help. And, certainly, we accept direct participation in demonstration of our dogs at shows.

Any dog should be socially adapted. Not dangerous to people and other animals, it should be completely controlled by you and is brought well up. Friendly dog adjusts also associates be fine. Therefore, for successful education, our kennel offers owners the help in training. We - work with the owner, you - works with a dog.

World of Amstaffs is very various. And we are glad to offer to look to you only on small part.


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